Oregon Stamp Impressions is now located in Silverton, Oregon. We provide services mostly for the capital city, but have served customers throughout the Northwest and beyond.

In 1980 the economy had tanked and Dan Leasia needed a job he could count on. Having skills in printing from working in his Dad’s small shop as a teenager, Dan became a one man shop. Originally stamps were made the old way with bad smelling rubber and hand set type, but this was not a profitable way to make stamps. A new polymer resin had been recently developed that allowed for increased production without the bad smells, so in 1981 Dan started volume production with a Computer typesetter, a dark room and an array of the newly developed equipment. As computer technology has advanced Oregon Stamp Impressions has kept up to date with sophisticated graphic programs to produce some of the best stamps in the business. Dan moved locations several times and the technology is constantly changing, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing our customers with high quality products.

Over the years Dan established good, long-lasting relationships with individuals and other small businesses in the area. As a company we are committed to supporting local businesses and giving back to the community. Dan and his wife Carol were involved in Royal Rangers (similar to the Boy Scouts) for years, helped with their church’s youth group and are active members in their church community.

In December 2017 Dan decided to ‘hang up his spurs’ and move on to other pursuits and sold Oregon Stamp Impressions to Victoria Sage, the owner of Zebra Print in Silverton. Along with her ‘significant other’ Stu Rasmussen, Victoria has been in the printing industry since the 1970’s – doing everything from hand-setting lead type and printing on an 1890 Chandler and Price letterpress to her current operation providing encyclopedic graphic arts services to the Silverton area.

Victoria and Stu continue Dan’s commitment to providing customers with high quality products and excellent service.

If you have purchased products from us please feel free to send us your comments. We appreciate your business and consider referrals to be the highest compliment.

Thank you,

Oregon Stamp Impressions Team